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15cek - is about Instagram

Promotion on Instagram

We promote personal blogs, pages and Instagram accounts. Complex systematic PR of your business. We attract active target audience

Advertisement in Instagram

We create and publish ads in IG with a maximum efficiency. You will get a real followers and a real clients

Growing IG accounts on Instagram

We successefuly colaborate with biggest Instagram bloggers and have a huge experience in growing IG accounts from the ground zero. We catch trends and know how IG algoritms work


Over 4.8 MM followers

  • Top IG sports public account
  • Sports videos every day
  • Unique entertainment content
  • Millions of active users every day


Grow + 90K followers in 2 months from zero

  • Individual approach to scaling of the project
  • Fast start to the recognition and popularity
  • Creating personal conceptn for the fast grow of IG account


+ 350K followers in 4 months from the beggining

  • Original self made content without sensorship and limitations
  • Great effect of the ads achived with a high activity of the followers: 100k average views for every post we make
  • Agressive fast strategy to gain new followers Keeping followers engagment rate over 40%


+ 600K followers in 6 months

  • Creating the Instagram blogger on a worlwide scale
  • We can work with a global international cases PR from A to Z: compleate guidence, twiking and creating promo video and audio content, development of a long-term project development strategy
  • Providing all the informaiton regarding ads efficensy and expenses
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